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Monday, 8 March 2010

Type as Image and Image as Type

Type as Image:  The word 'discrimination' addresses a social problem of gender discrimination that is faced by women in the sub-continent. Here the play of letters signify the specific issue.
(click above to see the full image)


Image as Type:  Type is used in a manner where it represents trees and encourages people to plant as more and more are being cut down from the face of the earth


Orchestrating the Infinite
pen illustration


Packaging for a fruit juice 

Breaking, Fracturing, Layering Typeface

This project required us to pick quotes about art and design and play around with the typeface so we can distort, fracture, separate them to create a piece of artwork. The emphasis was not on legibility so we could experiment with the words and the message of the quotes.

Advertisements for Sony PlayStation Portable

Promotional poster for Linotype typeface: Garamond

These promotional posters layouts are to advertise the classic font 'Garamond' and therefore, consists a bit of its history, samples of its different forms such as bold, italics, etc. and also specifies some of its characteristics as old style serif font

Combine, experiment, mix and match

This set of artwork signifies using different kinds of media. It was originally done as part of a calendar project titled 'My Life Till Now,' (in the context of art and design). Here the first illustration portrays my imagination that results in the creations, the second one shows the world around us that we look around for inspiration from, and the third one signifies my love for photography that plays a huge role in what I create


A Halloween Masquerade Ball poster
A Poster for an Art Exhibition
Illustration done with pen and
retouched on computer
Illustration work done with
collage technique and Photoshop